February 14th, 2011, 11:15 pm

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Loverofpiggies, February 14th, 2011, 11:15 pm


So here is a random page update for you all. God, I miss this comic.

Advertisement, July 18th, 2019, 7:38 pm

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User Comments:

Andera, February 14th, 2011, 11:47 pm

Yay update! The little guy on the stepladder thing is funny.

Alexis_Royce, February 15th, 2011, 7:03 am

Oh, Dmitri. All the other teachers enjoy your pain so. ^_^

Complete Stranger, February 15th, 2011, 2:26 pm

Dmitri is getting pwned. And wow, it's a shock to see this new style in FH. It's not that I don't like it; it's actually more realistic to real life faces.
It's just a shock to see it change so suddenly. Like switching a hot shower to cold.
*The chin is wider
*The eyes more realistically shaped
*The nose has distinct forms instead of those generic < things you see in anime so much
*Proportions have changed to become less anime like

Maiumaora, February 15th, 2011, 3:52 pm

This hasn't updated in like forever...
I missed it xD
I'm glad I can actually remember what was happening and didn't have to re-read the whole thing. xD

Raine-chan, February 15th, 2011, 3:53 pm

(LOL I always love all your icons xD)

Aha great page. I wanna see Dmitri with un-straight hair now xD

deepcheese, February 16th, 2011, 4:33 pm

oh Dmitri, how your suffering makes me smile

Luciferwolf (Guest), May 6th, 2011, 5:58 pm

Dead? :'(
Did you stop drawing this comic? :'(

Please say you haven't, I love it.

Guest, September 11th, 2011, 6:22 am

Their expressions in the third panel are just made of pure win.

Lordofthebucket, January 22nd, 2017, 12:14 am

I'm really sad that Fringe Happy hasent uodated in 6 years ;-; its sooo good Arthur is my son

Plue Two, January 24th, 2017, 7:37 pm

Man, I sure do like this so far, too bad it hasn't updated in years...

Random---Entity, May 9th, 2017, 6:39 pm

Yeah, i agree with all you guys. I want to see more of this awesome comic! :'D

mystic-malevolence (Guest), June 11th, 2017, 10:47 pm

Gosh dangit Zeph now I'll be forever in suspense.

Guest, March 5th, 2018, 3:42 pm

God damn it zeph

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